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We are a lighthearted femdom community where we just don't take ourselves too seriously. It's a safe place to explore virtual sexuality, BDSM, femdom / female dominance and male submission. Be sure to read the rules and then come visit us in world!

02 March, 2021

Block Party with DJ Skye!!

 What's hot in the city? A block party with DJ Skye, that's what! If you'd like to see exactly how hot, check out these awesome photos from the lovely Amanda:

Crazy Caves!

 If you've done any exploring at all of the new sim build, you will be aware that there is a pretty huge cave complex hidden below the extensive cliffs. There are many, many treasures to be found in the labyrinthine tunnels. For example... the Heart's Desire cave is chock full of pink and girly toys! Yes, pink and girly, in a CAVE. I know. So if you want to make your macho sub really suffer, or if you're lucky enough to hold the heart of a sissy, this is the place to go!

Maybe pink and girly isn't your thing. Oh hey, how about all the fun of the fair in one cave? There's mud wrestling, arm wrestling, knife throwing, fire hoop jumping, wheel of fortune, a trapeze bar, and of course there are refreshments - popcorn anyone? Maybe a hotdog then?

Do have a wander and see what you can find in the caves, it's all sorts of fun and put there for your entertainment! As ever, credit for these fab photos goes to the lovely Squishy Paine :)

01 March, 2021

Grunge Groove with DJ Purple!

 It was hot, it was filthy, it was steamy... it was our party on Thursday night with DJ Purple! We embraced the grunge vibe and danced. Well, most of us danced, some of us died. We had a trash panda guest for a little while who was very well behaved indeed. And there was a new dress which was also very well behaved! I grabbed a few shots so you can see what was what, let's peek:


Hey there! Some folks like to watch, and some folks like to be watched... it's almost like it's a regular thing! Star decided to indulge the voyeurism fetish in the cave complex of the new build, so she created the 'posh cave', check it out if that's your thing!

To get there, enter the caves at the Mermaid pool by the Pirate ship (yes, we have a Pirate Ship and it's amazing, check it out!), and walk through the Castle Cave... up the stairs and then around either the first or second corner on the left is the Posh Cave... you have to push through the curtains to get in, but everything is ready for naughty fun when you get in there. If you're the kind who likes to share, do please take photos and send them to us! Thanks for these lovely photos goes to the ridiculously talented Squishy!!