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02 November, 2020


Dear Thornies,

It has been a while since we have had any photo contests in the sim, so at the urging of Duchess Leigh Selona (who manages our Art Gallery off the Lounge) I have set one up for us!  And to SUPER-INSPIRE you all to get creative -  my shop DICTATORSHOP is sponsoring the event with the grand prize winner of the contest receiving either the new Port Royal bedroom set or the Swan Lake bedroom set (Bed, Armoire cage, Femdom Vanity and some decor items to round it all out.  These sets would each cost you over L$7000 if purchased separately.  Incentive enough for you to get those cameras snapping?!  Get ready, get set, GO!!!

Entry is open now

Voting runs from 12 November until noon SLT on  22nd November. 

All proceeds will go to support the sim. We appreciate your support and participation! Get those amazing imaginations going!

The GRAND PRIZE winner will receive their choice of:

•    Port Royal Bedroom set (Bed, Armoire, Vanity & Decor - Value equivalent to over L$ 7000) 


•    Swan Lake Bedroom set (Bed, Armoire, Vanity, & Decor - Value equivalent to over L$ 7000)

Second place will receive a L$3000 giftcard

Third place a L$2000 giftcard. 

The top three entries and honorable mentions will also be displayed in the Velvet Thorn Art Gallery for at least a month. 

Your image must be Femdom themed and have something to say about GUILTY PLEASURES, and must be taken on the Velvet Thorn sim. Tasteful partial nudity is allowed. If your photo is over the top, it will be removed, and your entry fee will not be returned. Keep it arty and clean, and within the bounds of real world achievable please... gigantic genitalia is not what this contest is about.

There are plenty of very nice places on the sim. The more different locations in the contest the better, try to pick a place nobody else has used yet to keep things interesting! You can always check the board before you submit your photo. Here are some suggestions, you can use the teleport boards to zap around - play area teleporters are located at Lounge Info Desk:

•    The horse barns

•    Race track

•    The Chateau

•    Elven dome

•    Lounge

•    Irish Pub

•    TV station

•    Memorial garden

•    Ballroom

•    Game room

•    Sky boxes

•    Pagoda

•    Art gallery

You are allowed to have help with it if you are not adept with graphics software.  There are lots of photographers and graphics people around who can lend you a hand.  

Please be sure to visit our contest sponsor DICTATORSHOP - Located in the Galleria or visit the main shop

See all the latest on the blog:


- 100 Lindens to join and put your photo up on a  board.  

- 20 Lindens per vote (up to 15 votes per day)

-   You can use more than one photo board to participate in the contest. Only the highest  vote count will be considered on winner selection. It can be an advantage to occupy more than one board but also a disadvantage. You choose the strategy. But please, be considerate: others want to participate as well.

-   People caught cheating will immediately be removed by the owner/host without notice or refunds.

-   Anyone trying to manipulate the contest or disturbing it by their actions will be removed and banned.

-   StarSong Bright (owner of Velvet Thorn) has final say in all matters related to the contest.

-   Entrants and voters MUST BE VT MEMBERS.

-   The picture you use for the contest becomes the property of the Velvet Thorn (for the purposes of showcasing the event)

-  Need assistance? Contact:  Leigh Selona 


Join by paying the required join fee to an empty photo board.

The photo board will try to load your profile picture and display it. Once loaded, you can now change it by loading another photo/texture into it. In order to do that, hold down the CTRL key and drag a picture from your inventory onto the photo board while holding down the left mouse button. The frame will highlight to red and you can release the left mouse button. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  YOUR PICTURE MUST BE FULL PERMISSIONS (also for next owner - see bottom of properties page) due to technical reasons.  If done properly the picture will be displayed and the photo board changes to voting mode.  It should show next owner with ticks next to copy, mod and transfer or the board does not work properly.  If the board will not take your image that is the problem.

Changing your picture

To change your picture, touch the sign and you will receive a menu with some options:

- Load Picture: Changes the photo board to picture loading mode. Update your picture by following  the instructions above.  Touch to keep the picture and  to proceed to voting mode again. (This will happen  automatically after 2 minutes as well).

 - Profile Picture: Tries to load you profile picture onto the photo board. After that it will change to the  "Picture Loading mode". Touch to keep the picture and to proceed to voting  mode again. (This will happen automatically after 2 minutes as well).  If you have disabled "show in search" in your profile, the system will not be able to  acquire your profile picture. On change it will take up to 24 hours until it will be available.

 - Close Menu: Closes the menu with no action

- Abandon: Abandon will close the photo board and remove yourself from the contest. Attention: No refunds!



It costs 20 Lindens to vote.  You can vote up to 15 times a day - from one to 15 different images, as you like.  - please, if you vote a lot try to spread them around so everyone feels the love, remember this is a fundraising event for the sim and 100% of proceeds go to keeping the lights on!

The board will tell you how much votes are left each time you vote for a person.

You cannot vote for yourself and attempts to do so result in forfeited votes.  :-)   


Location of your image:  StarSong reserves the right to move the entries around as more entries are made.  Please do not take it personally.   IMAGES WILL BE VOTED FOR FOR THEIR CONTENT NOT THEIR LOCATION!