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04 September, 2020

The Wait is Over...

 ... and at long last we can all find out exactly what happens when our very own Squishy Paine is subjected to a thorough grilling, in front of a LIVE audience! Star took the interviewer's seat and commenced to ferret out all the juicy details she could find, and now you can hear the result for yourself!

Massive thanks to Anna for recording and editing the video, to Sue for taking photographs for us, to Star for conducting the interview, and to the audience for being there. I suppose we should thank Squish for agreeing to be our first Sub Story too, huh? Oh, okay then, thanks Squish!

So, if you want the video experience, click here for all four sections in a playlist form. If you'd like to just look at the photos, keep on scrolling. If you want me to tell you what was said... erm... nope... watch the dang video, it's why we took it!

If you're here looking for Squish's Patreon Link, then I am very happy to help you - click HERE.

Right, then, you wanted photos I believe:

03 September, 2020

Clockwork and Other fun with DJ Exxx!!

What happens when a bunch of Thornies mess around with a theme of dolls and puppets while DJ Exxx is spinning her usual musical magic? Let's find out, shall we - these photos from the inimitable Masque :

Cogs and Strings with DJ Eve!!

 I've got no strings... well, not any more! We had some fun with the ideas of puppets and dolls the other week and while I threw tunes around the lovely Sue took some fab photos for us. Wanna look?

Pool Party with DJ Exxx!!

 Who doesn't love splashing around in a lovely pool? Especially when there are awesome tunes, courtesy of the lovely DJ Exxx! Luckily Jade was on hand to grab some pics for us, let's peek: