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29 March, 2019

Twisted Alice with DJ Purple!!

By now we know to expect the unexpected when DJ Purple takes to the air. Tunes, commentary, and liberal doses of What The Actual...? He surpassed even himself with possibly the longest ever set up for the worst pun last night, oh how we laughed! Naturally, everyone looked fabulous and I grabbed some shots so you can see for yourself:

26 March, 2019

Wonderland with DJ Skye!!

Things got rambunctious down the rabbit hole if Amanda's pics from Saturday night are any guide. People looked amazing, of course, and DJ Skye's tunes were sizzling, of course! Let's peek:

25 March, 2019

Wonderland with DJ Exxx!!!

The party down the rabbit hole continued on Friday night when DJ Exxx spun her musical magic! There were prizes from Dictatorshop for those in costume, and WOW, such costumes. Check out these photos from the lovely Jade to see for yourself: