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09 December, 2017

Nutcrackers and Sugarplum Fairies with DJ Eve!

It was Friday night (Oh no it wasn't... Oh yes it was... ) and our theme was Nutcrackers and Sugarplum Fairies, referencing the holiday season offerings from ballet to panto and everything in betweem. Besides, the VT ladies are expert nutcrackers as I am sure we can all agree. Everyone looked fabulous as always, and you can check that out for yourself by looking at these great photos (full album here) from the lovely Antony:

07 December, 2017

Stripes with DJ Squish!

Boy, but real life tries hard to mess up our party plans at times. Real life kidnapped Purple, and then rendered Eve's internet connection useless... but never fear, Squish swooped in and saved the day and our stripes party happened anyway! Take that, real life! Naturally everyone looked amazing as you will see when you check out these awesome photos (full album here), taken by the lovely Antony: