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07 January, 2017

Challenge the DJ with DJ Purple!!

So, the idea was to show up wearing a visual clue to the sort of things you wanted to hear. That led, as you might expect, to some very interesting outfits indeed! And you can check them all out in these cracking photos (full album here) from the lovely Antony:

New Year's Eve with DJ Exxx!!

New Year's Eve without a party at the Thorn? That will never happen! DJ Exxx made sure of it and Jade was on hand to grab a few shots for us too:

05 January, 2017

Christmas Party with DJ Exxx!!

DJ Exxx spun her usual magic for her Christmas Party at the Thorn, and Jade grabbed some shots for us to let us see how everyone looked. Let's take a peek:

Christmas Party with DJ Eve!!

It wasn't quite Christmas yet, but it was very, very close so we embraced it and went all seasonal. despite technology doing its level best to ruin things we had a great party anyway and everybody looked simply stunning, as always. Check out these great shots (full album here) from the lovely Antony to see what I mean: