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10 September, 2016

Best in Glamour with DJ Eve, sponsored by WS Creations!!

Friday night is always a giggle at the Thorn, even more so when we have the opportunity to have a little fun with some spot prizes. Thanks to the generosity of WS Creations, last night was just that. So, I am delighted to announce that the owner of the "Most Revealing Outfit" was Tenderly, the "Most Dazzling Outfit" was worn by Layla, the "Best Shoes" belonged to Anna and the longest hair in the room was on Hisano's head. The main prize of the evening went to the winner of "Best in Glamour" and was won by the delightful Sue! Congratulations, worthy winners all! As ever, we can see how it all looked thanks to wonderful photos (full album here) by the lovely Antony: