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02 January, 2016

Happy New Year with DJ Exxx!!

Luckily the giant bed is built to take a pounding, because the New Year's Day party continued when DJ Exxx took the stream and the bouncing began all over again. Check out these shots from Peter to see who wore what:

Happy New Year with DJ Eve!!

Hello 2016, do come in and make yourself comfy and please try to be kind to the Thornies, they are lovely people! We kicked off the New Year in bed. Yes, I said in bed. What better place to hang out with friends and party a little? Check out these great shots from the wonderful Antony (full album here) to see who wore what...

Ring Out the Old with DJ Purple!!

Well, 2015 was quite the year. So many great legends gone to the big party in the sky, and I know that for many of us, 2015 brought more than its fair share of drama in our other lives... Anyway, onwards and upwards, and what better way to say farewell to a tumultuous year than an eclectic set of golden oldies by DJ Purple? We had a blast with much chattering and bantering and the tunes of course were excellent. The lovely Antony was with us and took the usual HEAPS (full album here) of great photos, check out just a few of them below: