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17 December, 2015

Silly Season with DJ Purple!!

As the holiday season continues, things get sillier and sillier, so we decided to celebrate that with last night's party. DJ Purple served up a great set of lesser known tunes and we danced while we discussed inches, pizzas, cages and erm... socks. Antony was with us until TFA pulled him away and his photos can be seen over here. I grabbed a bunch of photos which you can see right now:

14 December, 2015

Naughty List with DJ Mari!!

It was Saturday and the theme was "Naughty List". The DJ was Mari, so as you might expect, things got a little bit steamy on the dancefloor. Let's have a peek at the printable parts, courtesy of these lovely photos from the delightful Kani:

Festive Frolics with DJ Exxx!!

Check out these pics from Peter to see what festivities frolicked at the second of Friday night's dances, to the magical tunes of DJ Exxx: