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05 December, 2015

Ice Ice Baby with DJ Exxx!!

Friday night partying continued apace when DJ Exxx took the stream for the second instalment of Ice, Ice Baby. Check out these pics from Peter to reassure yourself that the normal, exceptionally high level of awesomeness in outfits was maintained:

Ice Ice Baby with DJ Mari!!!

It was Friday night so of course it was DJ Eve kicking the weekend off, right? Wrong!! Sometimes it's good to switch things up a bit and that is just what we did. Mari melted the stream in the first of our Ice, Ice Baby Parties last night, and the gorgeous Kani was on hand to grab some equally lovely photos. Did everybody look amazing? Of course they did! Let's have a peek:

Queens and Serfs with DJ Purple!!

We dealt with hump day royally last week by having a Queens and Serfs party. DJ Purple served up the usual eclectically wonderful mix of tunes, and much fun was had. The lovely Antony was there and took a whole heap of photos (full album here). Naturally, everybody looked just fabulous. Let's have a look, shall we?