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24 August, 2015

Calling All Angels with DJ Exxx!!

You know, we Thornies really must be an innocent lot after all. The airship is still flying even in the face of continued angelic impersonations... no lightning bolts! DJ Exxx took the stream and ensured the good times continued on Friday night. Peter was on hand to grab some photos for us, let's have a look. UPDATE - Keep on scrolling to find more lovely shots from the talented Hett:

And here are Hett's shots:

Calling All Angels with DJ Eve!!

We went from a fiery furnace to a place of tranquility and light... well, as close as the Thornies can ever get! We all dressed up as varying sorts of angels and had a heavenly time of it on Friday night. Are there pictures? Why, of course there are, courtesy of the always lovely Antony. You can check out the whole album here, or have a peek at a small selection after the two dots: