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06 August, 2015

More India Salon Pics!

More photos of the Bollywood Salon courtesy of Lady Elicea!

03 August, 2015

Rowdy Rodeo with DJ Exxx!

Kicking up the dust continued with DJ Exxx on Friday night, the theme was still Rowdy Rodeo and folks still looked fantastic. Are we surprised? Of course we're not, the Thornies always look great! Peter grabbed some shots of the action for us, let's have a little look:

Rowdy Rodeo with DJ Eve!

Friday night is always about kicking up some dust and getting over the week, starting the weekend right. Our theme this time was "Rowdy Rodeo" and everyone slid into some chaps and stetsons and used their spurs to great effect. Well, nearly everyone. Some brave souls took on the might of the rodeo bulls, and only a few bones were broken. Squish grabbed some photos for us, which you can find below. Antony grabbed some videos, also below, and some photos which you can find here. Thanks guys! Let's have a little look to see who was wearing a dress, shall we?