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18 July, 2015

Bright Future with DJ Exxx!!

The need for shades was not abated one bit when DJ Exxx took the stream for the second of Friday night's parties, sticking with the theme of Bright Future. Everybody looked fantastic, of course, as you will see from these photos that Peter grabbed for us:

Bright Future with DJ Eve!!

It was Friday, so clearly it was time to party at the Thorn as always... and what a night! Our theme was "Bright Future" and we literally had all sorts of weird and wonderful outfits to look at while we danced. It was also Star's first party with her NEW COMPUTER... which meant that she managed to stay longer than 5 minutes, and could see everyone! It was a technological miracle. Did I mention Star has a NEW COMPUTER?! *grins* Anyway, Antony took some videos (and some photos which you can find here) for us (thank you!) and you can find those interspersed below through the pics my perv cam captured:

16 July, 2015

80s Festival with DJ Purple!!

We waved farewell to music festival week in style. We gathered in our legwarmers to pay homage to the wonders that were the 80s. Okay, not all of us had legwarmers on, but every tune that DJ Purple played for us was 80s gold. Well, apart from that one song, but we agreed not to discuss it any more. Antony was with us and found time to grab a few snaps (thank you!). You can find the full album here, and a few highlights below: