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04 July, 2015

50 States of Pride with DJ Exxx!!

The celebrations continued with DJ Exxx taking the stream for the second helping of "50 States of Pride". Check out these photos from Peter to see who was there and what happened. Looks like another classic Friday night at the Thorn to me:

50 States of Pride with DJ Eve!!

Unless you've been living under a rock you will know that the US recently decided that every state should allow gay marriage.. YAY! As this is the weekend of the 4th July, it seemed like a great time to celebrate such a momentous change. So, our theme for the Friday night parties was "50 States of Pride". We had a heap of fun in Central Park and danced to some solid, classic American tunes. This week you have a choice of photos, check out this link to see the pics Antony took, or keep scrolling to have a peek at what my perv cam captured: