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23 May, 2015

Through the Looking Glass with DJ Exxx!

Friday night means the magical tunes of DJ Exxx getting your weekend off to a great start. This week the theme was Through the Looking Glass, so naturally everyone went a bit Alice, and of course looked amazing. Check out these pics from Peter to see what happened:

Through the Looking Glass with DJ Eve!

We had Cheshire Cats, Alices, Red Queens, White Rabbits, Mad Hatters, at least one playing card, plenty of confused souls and a meandering maid with a vacuum cleaner. Some folks were dancing upside down while others simply threw their shapes in midair.  I think it might just have been an Alice In Wonderland theme! It was, as ever, heaps of fun, and once again the Thornies stunned with their outfit. Have a look at a *tiny* sample of the dozens (full album here) of fab photographs Antony took to see what I mean:

21 May, 2015

Comics and Games with DJ Purple!

We know how to deal with humpday at the Thorn... throw a party! DJ Purple brings the tunes, we bring the company and the banter and fun always ensues. Last night our theme was Comics and Games, and many laughs were had! Antony dropped in, and did his usual shutterbug thing, the full results of which you can find here, thanks Antony! A small selection is included below to whet your appetite: