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09 May, 2015

Big Top Fun with DJ Eve!

Fridays are always a giggle at the Thorn, and last night was no exception. The circus was in town and we all dressed accordingly. Were we surprised that the Thornies looked magnificent? Not in the slightest! Were we surprised to find a couple of newlyweds among our number? Maybe a little - congratulations again, Josey and Johnny! There was a lot of banter and fun as usual, and despite threats, nobody threw knives at anyone and we all went home with our skin intact. Let's have a peek at what my pervcam captured:

Red Dance with DJ Purple!

It was humpday, we needed some hotness to get over the blahs of midweek, and so we had a RED party with DJ Purple. Everyone wore red of some description, somewhere, and the result was a veritable feast for the eyes, especially once the DJ failing to keep his trap shut resulted in him wearing a rather brief bikini. The music was the usual excellently eclectic mix we associate with DJ Purple and much giggling was in evidence. Antony dropped in and took another bumper crop of fabulous pictures (thank you!), the full set of which you can find here, and a small sample of which you can find below: