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07 February, 2015

Elven Fair Ball with DJ Exxx!

Fairies and Thornies have a lot in common you know. They love to have fun, to party, to create mild chaos and they always look amazing! DJ Exxx presided over the second Elven Fair Ball of Friday night and these pics from Leigh and Peter will show you exactly what happened. Let's have a look:

Elven Fair Ball with DJ Eve!

Friday night is most assuredly party night at Velvet Thorn and also the first glimpse of the new theme for the week. Last night the Enchanted Forest was unveiled and the place was just full of wings. As always, everybody looked simply amazing and we had a bunch of fun. Let's have a little look at what my perv cam managed to grab:

05 February, 2015

Diamonds and Sparkles with DJ Purple!

There are many ways to brighten up the midweek. DJ Purple's music is one, adding some bling and sparkle to proceedings is another. So our Diamonds and Sparkles party last night was bound to bring out the glitter in the Thornies, and oh my goodness, they did not disappoint. Check out these photos for enough bling to blind even Torley: