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31 January, 2015

Venetian Masquerade with DJ Exxx

Friday always sees two parties at Velvet Thorn, and DJ Exxx never fails to delight with her music. Last night was no exception as you will see from these lovely pics, courtesy of Leigh and Peter, from the Venetian Masquerade event. Let's peek at the gowns!

Venetian Masquerade with DJ Eve

It was elegant, it was sumptuous, it was glamorous... it was Friday night at the Velvet Thorn. To the backdrop of actual classical music and some romantic smoochers, the Thornies waltzed and chatted and once again amazed with their sartorial style. We even managed to enjoy some of Star's company after she won her mighty battle with the lag monster! It was my very great pleasure to DJ the event, and my Sue was kind enough to take some snaps for us, let's look, shall we?

29 January, 2015

Pillage and Plunder!

Humpday is always fun at Velvet Thorn, because we have a party to blast away the humpday blues. Last night was no exception. DJ Purple plundered the musical world for great tunes and we pillaged the heck out of our wardrobes. The result? Another fabulous party full of wonderfully outfitted Thornies. Let's have a peek: