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21 January, 2015

7th Anniversary Party #9 with DJ Eve - Star's REZZDAY!

All that warm up partying meant that no muscles were strained when it came to the real deal, the ACTUAL 7th anniversary of Velvet Thorn on January 20th, 2015. Funnily enough, that date also happens to be our own Goddess' rezzday, so double the reason to celebrate. A dress theme of stars and silly hats was imposed for the event, and of course everyone looked fabulous!

There was some sheep action, naturally, and an informal silliest hat competition broke out towards the end, which the rezzday girl won, with a frankly stunning steampunk creation that must have caused neck strain!  Our photographer, Sue, sadly couldn't stay till the end, but here are the lovely snaps he managed to grab before he had to run:

20 January, 2015

7th Anniversary Party #8 with DJ Leigh!

The party machine just keeps on rolling over here at Velvet Thorn, and that's because we have something immense to celebrate... 7 years of premier femdom in Second Life! Last night saw DJ Mani kick things off, and the lovely DJ Leigh finished them in grand style. Here are just a few pics from Peter so you can see what happened:

19 January, 2015

Anniversary Party Number 7 with DJ Mani!

The anniversary celebrations just keep on rolling... last night things got RED HOT with DJ Vanni, and tonight saw Mani returning to us after a month long break, and he came back with a bang... cracking tunes and heaps of energy for the 7th Anniversary Party. I couldn't stay for the whole thing but I did manage to grab some pics, let's have a peek: