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27 December, 2014

Boxing Day with DJ Eve!

Nothing gets rid of the excesses of seasonal food and drink quite so well as a good bounce around on the ice, and that is exactly what we did last night. Not only that, but we also bade a fond (okay, okay, some of us were quite enthusiastic) farewell to the whizzy penguins. The less said about bling the better, usually, but it was quite the talking point. Have a little look at the photos to see what I mean:

25 December, 2014

Christmas Eve with DJ Eve!

We Thornies really know how to party and we proved it yet again last night at our Christmas Eve party. It got so busy that we all lost track of who was there, so if you were there, please do check out the photos, you're bound to see some surprises! Speaking of surprises, it turned out that it was not just Christmas Eve it was also Lauren's Birthday! Oh! And Exxx's too! Antony from Z&A Productions dropped in to party with us too and took a whole sleighful of photos, just a few of which are below. If you'd like to see the whole album (109 photos!) click right here. So, Santa's sack is now empty and hopefully your stockings were adequately filled! Merry Christmas Thornies!!