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20 December, 2014

Christmas Parties!

Friday night saw us partying hard as usual, this time with a definitely Christmas Theme... DJ Eve kicked things off and played tunes for a Fairy, the Grinch, a Troll and many other traditional festive creatures, and DJ ExXx kept the party going later on with another bunch of incredibly stylish Christmas folks. Check out the photos to see what was what, and thanks to Leigh and Peter for the snaps from ExXx's party as always:

And here are Leigh and Peter's photos from ExXx's Party:

18 December, 2014

Hah Bumhug!

Sometimes you've just had enough of all the mess and stress of the holiday season and you want to just stomp around to loud music. Well, that's exactly what we did last night, with DJ Purple, and we had a blast! Let's have a peek, shall we?