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15 November, 2014

An Elegant Evening with DJ ExXx

When the Thornies decide to get elegant, no-one can outdo them. For proof you need to look no further than these lovely photos from Leigh and Peter, taken at last night's Elegant Evening with DJ ExXx. The music was, of course, perfect, and the company stellar... let's have a peek:

An Elegant Evening with DJ Eve

It was Friday night and time to party again. This week we went all elegant and the frocks and tuxes were out in force. Naturally the ladies were beautiful and the boys were handsome. There was cheek to cheek dancing, there was slinky, slow music... There was also some very polite squabbling amongst the boys, each of whom is of course convinced that his Mistress is the prettiest. And you know what? They are ALL right. Have a look at these photos:

Chill Zone with DJ Purple

It was our last night in the giant bedroom, so what better way to enjoy it than with a relaxed chill set from DJ Purple. No matter how relaxed the music was, the banter still flowed as much as ever and we had just as much fun. Have a little look to see what my perv cam captured: