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08 November, 2014

Slumber Party with DJ ExXx

The big bed saw some more hot action last night as DJ ExXx took over the stream for the late edition of the Slumber Party. The lobsters were still in evidence but there was a significant increase in the number of hair rollers, hairbrushes and teddy bears. Check out these pics from the lovely Leigh to see what I mean:

07 November, 2014

Slumber Party with DJ Eve!

Well, it was Friday night and we expected things to get a little wild at the Slumber Party. Yes, there were many fine examples of cute and silly slippers and PJs. Yes, there was a pillow fight. Yes, there were lobsters. Yes, there was attempted Panda theft. And yes, Desire did make the bed wet. Tunes? Oh yes, we had lots of those, and dancing too! Have a little peek at what my perv cam saw: