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We are a lighthearted femdom community where we just don't take ourselves too seriously. It's a safe place to explore virtual sexuality, BDSM, femdom / female dominance and male submission. Be sure to read the rules and then come visit us in world!

18 October, 2014

Yeah, Baby! With DJ ExXx

As you know by now, the parties are double fun on Fridays, and last night was no exception. The trip continued with DJ ExXx leading the musical journey. Leigh did her usual great job at grabbing some pics for us, so let's have a little look, shall we?

Yeah, Baby! With DJ Eve

It was groovy, it was psychedelic, it was far out... and I'm not confident that anyone's eyes will recover quickly! It was also heaps of fun. We turned on, tuned in and dropped out to the various sounds of psychedelia, and there may have been a few mushrooms dropped... let's see who wore what, shall we?

16 October, 2014

Fabulous Fashionistas!

We celebrated the slightly more outré part of the fashion world at Wednesday's Fashionistas party with DJ Purple. Of course the Thornies looked amazing, they always do! The banter flowed and the tunes delighted, in short we all had a wonderful time. Let's have a little peek: