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04 September, 2014

Medical Marvels

The medical marvel that is DJ Purple (kidding!) presided over the tunes for our MEDICAL MARVELS party last night, and we had heaps of fun while listening to an amazing range of music, some of which it's probably fair to say doesn't get a lot of airplay. My perv-cam was on the loose, let's see who was there:

31 August, 2014

DJ Squish's Healing Touch

Saturday night means DJ Squish, and what better place to have him torme... abu... entertain our eardrums than a medical centre? The theme was Healing Touch, and the lovely Layla grabbed some pics for us. Let's have a little look:

Doctors and Nurses, DJ ExXx Style...

Friday means double party joy, and DJ ExXx was on hand with her magic music to make sure the second Doctors and Nurses party went fantastically. The gorgeous Leigh was on hand and grabbed some snaps for us. Let's take a look: