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19 July, 2014

Hugo's Latex Par-tay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey hey Thornies, DJ Squish rocked the stream and the ladies from Hugo's Latex joined us once again!  Congratulations to Kat (KatCharm) for winning the contest and $1000L gift card!!!  Alright, enough chatter, lets see some smexy latex!!!

Ladies Night... Again!

Friday is always a double treat for Velvet Thorn, with not one, but two parties for getting the weekend kicked off to a great start. DJ Jade took the stream for the second set, and rocked the joint. Naturally, Leigh and Peter were on hand to grab some snaps for us, let's have a little look:

Ladies Night, Oh What A Night!

DJ Eve melted the stream and helped us rock out and celebrate Ladies Night in the right way!!!!  Lets see how everyone rose to the occasion, shall we?