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17 May, 2014

Science Fiction: Comic and Game Superheroes with DJ ExXx

You know, it's just as well we have two parties on a Friday night. Some folks, who shall remain nameless, read the notice and get all excited about the theme and then ask for a tp to the party just as the last song is playing. Luckily, there was a repeat of the theme a little later with the wonderful DJ ExXx, so nobody ever has to miss out. Have a little look at these lovely pics from Leigh and Peter to see what happened:

Science Fiction: Comic and Game Superheroes with DJ Eve

Well, it was Friday, so we knew to expect great company and fantastic banter. What we did not know until we got there is just how excited dommes get when shown a large rocket that vibrates... ahem.  Music by DJ Eve, fabulous costumery (as always) by the Thornies, much fun was had by all. Have a look at these fantastic pics that Antony Fairport grabbed for us to see what happened: