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26 April, 2014

Elegance Rocks!

Well hello Thornies!  Did y'all know that elegance can rock out??  Well, if you didn't, you sure do now, especially after spending a couple afternoons with DJ Eve!

24 April, 2014

Chocolate Overload!!

Is it even possible to have too much chocolate? We tested the theory last night, and the answer is NO. It is not possible to have too much chocolate at all. DJ Purple played lots of sweet tunes and everyone looked just edible. Have a little squint to see what my perv cam grabbed:

21 April, 2014

20 April, Sunday Morning 9 AM SLT Discussion

Report by KittyNinetails, discussion facilitator

Approximately 25 of us gathered at the VT Pavilion for the regularly scheduled Sunday discussion.  The topic this week was Cock Cages, in the context of male chastity.  It began with an informational presentation, followed by group discussion.  We had a good mix of Dommes and subs, VT regulars and new faces.

The discussions generally take place in text.  This is in response to requests by some of our non-native English speakers who find written text easier to follow, along with the fact that not all members are able to voice.

We covered some of the benefits of chastity play, the design of a cock cage and how it is worn, some basics of cleaning, how "keyholding" works, teasing and denial, a few tips, resources for information and product reviews, etc.

For the discussion portion, we heard experiences, valuable info and feedback from experienced Dommes, caged subs, those who have never tried chastity play but are curious, and those that have tried it and did not care for it.

The question was asked, do all Dommes want and expect their subs to engage in chastity play?  No.  Just as some prefer their D/s without BDSM, or some prefer D/s and BDSM without a sexual component, there are plenty of Dommes and subs who have no interest in this form of play.  There are also plenty of Dommes who enjoy this form of domination, and many subs who adore chastity play and would be devastated if their cages were taken away.

All of which made for thoughtful discussion.

Please keep in mind that the Sunday discussions take place each week at 9 AM SLT and everyone is welcome to attend.  You do not have to be a member to come to the discussions.  They are open to Dommes, subs, those with experience, and those who are new to D/s.  All thoughts and opinions are considered equal and treated with respect.

Past topics have included Healthy D/s Relationships, Aftercare, Polyamory, Collaring, D/s Service Contracts, Stereotypes, Care and Feeding of Your Domme, and many more.

Please consider joining us for the discussion next week.

Special thanks to MatthewTCody who served as my assistant for the discussion.