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22 February, 2014

Rock Festival!

Our theme last night was Rock Festival... and DJ ExXx rocked the Thorn!  Let's have a look to see what Leigh and Peter's perv cams captured for us shall we?

20 February, 2014

Cupid's Cockups!

Sometimes Cupid just gets it plain wrong, and the fallout can be immense. Last night's party with DJ Purple was a nod in that direction, so we got to hear all the unloved songs that generally don't get air time.  Here are some of the shots I grabbed:

Valentine's Day DJ ExXx style!

Sometimes our posts get a little out of order because of pesky rl interfering but we can cope with that, right? So, here are the shots that Leigh and Peter grabbed for us on Valentine's Night while DJ ExXx was rocking the Thorn: