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25 November, 2013

Mani's Marvellous Monday Music... Piggy Style!

Sometimes you go to Mani's gigs for the music, because let's face it, it's enough.  Sometimes you go to see which circle of hell he pulled this week's shirt from (kidding :P), and sometimes you just HAVE to go to see what he's wearing.  This was one of those sometimes.  Yes, of course the music was excellent and the company even better, but the outfit - that was SO good I had to top and tail these photos with it:

24 November, 2013

Thanksgiving Warmup DJ ExXx style!

The thanksgiving warmup continued in great style with DJ ExXx on Friday night. Have a little look to see how fabulous the Thornies looked, courtesy of Leigh and Peter's pictures (thanks guys!):

Thanksgiving Warmup

Hey Thornies, we've been winding up to Thanksgiving this week.  Friday was the warmup party, and man did everyone look spectacular!  Let's take a look: