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15 November, 2013

The Circle Gets Silly... Again

So we have parties, and discussions, and classes, and lectures, and sometimes we just plain have fun and mess about a bit. Yesterday was one of those days :

First there was the perfect hat incident:

Then there was the small matter of PINK being discussed again, which led to this:

Later still, a simple conversation about the forthcoming domme auction application form included the word "elephant", and things got slightly out of control (thanks to Squish for these next photos) :

Is there a moral to this story? Why yes, I believe there is - don't do anything in circle you don't want to appear on this blog when any of the known paparazzi are around :P

10 November, 2013

Sunday Discussion - SL D/s Service Contracts

Sunday Morning Discussion – Report by KittyNinetails, discussion facilitator

The discussion at 9 a.m. SLT was held in text in the Pavillion.  There was quite a nice turnout, thank you to all those who attended and shared your thoughts.

The subject was, "SL D/s Service Contracts."

We discussed the concept of service contracts:  A service contract can be entered into without a collaring taking place.  It is simply an agreement of behavior and expectations.  It can also be used as a pre-collaring trial, or can be part of the collaring agreement.

We also discussed some of the things that might be included in a service contract, relating to timing of service, forms of address, limits, relationship boundaries, public vs. private behaviour rules, special duties, punishments and rewards, etc.

After the discussion, the questions came up, how do you meet a Domme who might be a good fit?  How do you tell if a sub is available and approachable?  One way is to get to know people's personalities and attitudes by attending activities and... discussions!

Hope to see you next week.  Please note that the Sunday discussions are open to everyone.

Uniformed Fun with DJ ExXx

Friday night is a great night to be around the Velvet Thorn... there are TWO parties.  The magic spun by DJ ExXx is always popular, as these photos from Leigh and Peter show.  Uniforms was theme, and folks looked wonderful as always: