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19 October, 2013

Crazy Hair Part 2!

DJ ExXx made sure the bad fashion continued with a second helping of Crazy Hair!  Thanks as usual to Leigh and Peter for grabbing the pics for us:

18 October, 2013

Crazy Hair, Part 1!

Hey Thornies, it's bad fashion week and DJ Eve kicked it off with a bang!  Let's have a look to see who had the worst hairstyle of the event, shall we?

13 October, 2013

Happy Birthday Subdued!

It was one of our favorite Thornie clowns birthday....Subdued!  Happy birthday, goober.  I only got a few shots because I got there late, but here's some good ones!

Kitty Pounces The Birthday Boy!

His Balloons....he said they were better than condoms!

Smack that bare tush, Lela!

See, we do love you, Subdued!

Takin' those hits like a champ!

HUGOs Hike up the Heat Again!

How is it possible that each month the HUGOs ladies just keep getting hotter? Speaking of getting hotter, did you SEE the Thornies last night? Wow. As usual, we had a hoot, Squish at the stream, giftcards for all and because we did SO well in getting folks to enter the contest, not one, not two, but THREE prizes for Best in Latex!!! First place went to Lilith, second place to Deja, and third place to Subdued... congrats!!  Want to see what almost melted my perv-cam beyond repair? Let your eyes wander down...