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04 October, 2013

Chains and Cuffs Part 1

As y'all know, we have TWO parties on from 2 to 4 with DJ Eve, and one from 7 to 9 with DJ ExXx.  Today's theme is Chains and Cuffs....let's take a look to see who's wearing what, shall we?  ;)

01 October, 2013


Yes, I said linemosh. That's what happens when the linedance balls don't exactly sync up with each other, and people start enjoying the resultant body-slamming.  I feel privileged to have been at the inaugural VT linemosh and look forward to many more. Thanks to Squish and Kayleigh for these pictures:

Rocking Rodeo!

Okay, so sometimes that pesky first life interferes with our Second Life plans, and that means that this week's blog posts of the party pics are out of order a touch... just a bit.  Anyhow, these are the pics from DJ Savvy's set on Friday night (she was covering for a poorly ExXx, hope you're feeling better ExXx!) and these pics from Leigh and Peter show that everyone had a great time:

29 September, 2013

Black Hats, White Hats

You can always tell the good guys from the bad guys in western movies by the colour of their hats, right? So, it would make sense that would be true at a VT party too, right? Wrong... almost entirely wrong. The brats wore white hats and the fantastically innocent and sweet dommes wore black hats.  Who'd'a thunk it? Anyway, DJ Squish played a wild mix of tunes and much fun was had by all. Have a look to see what my perv cam captured: