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14 September, 2013

HUGO's hawtness!!

Well, we *know* that the Hugo's parties always get hot, right? Tonight was another in a long, long, luscious and lovely list of Hugo's Best In Latex contests.  As always the ladies from Hugo's were a vision of latex luxury, as indeed were the ladies of the Thorn. And yes, of course, the subbies shone nicely too.  Squish's tunes kept us rocking constantly, even if SL kept kicking him out.  Our own delightful Savvy hosted and our winner this time was Lady V!!!! Have a nosey at some of what my perv-cam captured:

Teacher's Pets ExXx Style

So, you know the drill, there are always two parties at the Thorn on Friday nights. And DJ ExXx spins her magic for the later set.  Sometimes we get super lucky and Leigh and Peter are around and take pictures for us... so here are the latest batch, from the Teacher's Pet dance last night. Certainly looks like everyone had a bunch of fun :)