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04 August, 2013

Kinky Victorians

It was Saturday night, it was Velvet Thorn, so that means DJ Squishy... but not just a normal Saturday Night... oh no, we had a tipsy DJ in full voice.  Much hilarity ensued as one might expect!  The outfits were, of course, STUNNING again... have a little look :

Wedding Bells with a hint of blood :)

There was a wedding on Friday night!  Velvet Thorn was happy to host the wedding of Lady V to her Vincent.  The beautiful ceremony was led by our very own Duchess Savvy, and the reception DJ'ed by me.  If the number of sniffs and hankies soaked is anything to go by, it was a truly lovely affair.  Congratulations again you two!! Have a little look to see what the perv cam saw: