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28 July, 2013

HUGOs Latex Lusciousness

It was Saturday, Squishy had the stream, and the lovely ladies from HUGOs were with us... you just know that means we had another epic party at the Thorn!  Salacious squeaking filled the air, not quite drowning out Squishy's singing... but we heard the tunes and rocked out anyways.  As usual we all got our Giftcards for Hugo's and this time our winner of the grand prize, a L$1000 giftcard for Hugo's was Lela!! Nerk and Sultry also won an outfit each for coming 2nd and 3rd.  Lets's have a little look at who wore what:

We're All M-m-m-mad! MAD!

Friday night saw us kicking off the weekend in fine style, with a Mad Scientists Party, sponsored by our wonderful friends at Z&A Productions.  They provided a wonderfully stimulating (so the subbies said afterwards, with only light prodding) and fiendish rlv toy - their free gift to all attendees!  In addition to our own perv-cam, Antony took a bunch of shots which can be found on the Z&A Productions Blog.  I tortmented everyone's ears with a variety of sounds, and everyone seemed to have a great time. Many thanks again to the brave volunteers who tested the equipment... bwahahahahaha!  Here's what the VT perv-cam caught: