The Velvet Thorn Femdom Community

We are a lighthearted femdom community where we just don't take ourselves too seriously. It's a safe place to explore virtual sexuality, BDSM, femdom / female dominance and male submission. Be sure to read the rules and then come visit us in world!

13 July, 2013

Arty Farty Party

It was Friday night... It was the Velvet Thorn... and you know that means that anything can happen.  What started out as a gently surreal party just got weirder as the night progressed. Several costume changes were required.  We had varying angels, a pink kitty riding on a flying pig, a man with a painting instead of a head, a person constructed entirely from boxes and more orange clogs than is entirely healthy... have a little look to see what the perv-cam captured.

09 July, 2013


The rarer perching cock (aka Zane) was seen at VT today, swiftly locked into place and instructed to dance for the ladies' amusement. How it all came about is one of those lovely things when a conversation carries over a couple of days and a few more folks join in and make it better. So, wondering what a rarer perching cock looks like? Wonder no more:

07 July, 2013

Mathletes and Geeks and Fireworks, oh my!

Just another Saturday night at the Thorn you might think, but ohhhh no... this was Mathletes and Geeks night, and we had DJ Squishy on the stream, so it was gonna get a little crazy.  The outfits were astonishingly good as always... GO THORNIES, you never disappoint!!  There was some wonderful news too... Lady V and Vincent announced their engagement... congratulations to you both!  I was privy to a couple of secrets too, but will say no more until the time arrives... watch this space.  In the meantime, have a lil look see at what my perv-cam caught last night: