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06 July, 2013

Jocks and Cheerleaders!

We had a Jocks and Cheerleaders party at the Thorn last night, and the ladies had the shiniest helmets and biggest bulges... just saying :P As is always the case, everyone got into the spirit fantastically and looked just GREAT while we drank beer, smoked cigarettes and danced like the serious athletes we are... *coughs*

Anyway, have a lil squint to see what the perv-cam captured:

30 June, 2013

Voluptuous Vamps in HUGOs Latex!

As most of you will already know, the lovely ladies from HUGOs latex join us once a month to tease us and tantalise us, handing out giftcards and making sure we all have fun.  Last night saw that day come around, and for a tie-in to Monster Week at VT, we were Voluptuous Vamps in sizzling latex.  As ever, the party was stacked to the doors almost from the word go and everyone looked amazing and had fun while Squishy cranked out Vampire tune after Vampire Tune... even his tipjar got a makeover for the event! The lucky winner of the L$1000 HUGOs giftcard was Lilith Ivory... congratz Lilith!! Have a lil squint at the pics the perv-cam captured:


Every now and then we just have to get a little crazy, and this week was it.   To kick off Monster Week, we had a BRAAAIINNNNNSSS!!! (spelling variable) Party.  Word must have got out because a few zombies showed up.  Luckily we had some sharpshooters on hand to take care of things.  In other news, it turns out that ladies and not Zombies are the very thing to frighten a guy into a full suit of armour... no really!  Everyone had a blast and the zombies were blasted to pieces, I'd call that a result.

Have a little look to see what the perv-cam camptured: