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17 May, 2013

90's Grunge Party

DJ Deyantra and Red are in sync!

Duchess of Aeon and Dolly gettin' their groove on

Hylarks wigglin' on the'd he get up there?!?!

Ides and Justice dancin' away

Here's Kiyana doin' her thing :)

We have Lauren and Leigh loungin' around

Leigh and Peter....with nearly-bare asses

Hostess Savvy and her girl Passion

It's a Star sandwich with DeVonte and Cliff
Maggie rockin' out all on her own
Eclypse looking as beautiful as ever

AdyBa reaching for the sky during a great tune

Rain posing for the paparazzi

Sapphire dancin' it up

Tabby putting on a "sweet and innocent" front...did it work?