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31 March, 2013

Dancing In The Rain

It was a very wet day at Velvet Thorn on March 30, 2013 and all the Thornies made a celebration of it as they danced in the rain.  Our DJ Squishy even managed to peel off his wet clothing to bring us songs of the past.

Brie dances up a storm.

Bright dodges the rain drops.

Ceyn is prepared to keep dry.

Duchess Deja gets a soaker.

The slick rain makes English's biceps look bigger.

Ides and Pietro show off their dance moves.

Margot doesn't even notice Squish is less clothed than at the beginning of the dance.

Passion wiggles between the falling raindrops,

I hope Peachy's Thigh high boots are waterproof.

Ragnar\s leather pants and rain could lead to something interesting.

Starsong and Paris take a twirl in the rain.

Vega sure has those Easter peeps at attention.