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23 March, 2013

Hugo's Latex Party

Velvet Thorn Femdom hosted a Hugo's Latex party on March 23, 2013.  Hugo's models looked spectacular giving away 250L gift certificates for new purchases and a 1000L gift certificate to the voted winner of the party.

Here, KittyNinetails looks ready to make all the boys bend the knee.

Deja and Wrex rock out to the tunes provided by Squishy Paine.

Zan looks lickable as he looks on at the party goers.

Maggie and TJ share a slow dance during the voting.

Starsong (VT's Goddess) and Sky work up some steam under their tight latex.

Madelyn looks delicious doesn't she?

(L-R) Cissy, Squishy, Dakota and Zest

Hugo's Models send out gift certificates.

Gregor must be whispering naughty things.

Duchess Eve and her sub Cailin

I wonder what Matty is whispering into Sox's ear.

Vega and Gregor lost in their own world.

Angelmuffin looks deliciously shiny.