The Velvet Thorn Femdom Community

We are a lighthearted femdom community where we just don't take ourselves too seriously. It's a safe place to explore virtual sexuality, BDSM, femdom / female dominance and male submission. Be sure to read the rules and then come visit us in world!

27 February, 2013

Sexy Panty Party

Alright Thornies, we had our Panty Party this evening....if you weren't there, you definitely missed out on the sexiness!

Hi-ya! It's Ninja Thornies Everywhere!

Oh dear, we had a sudden influx of Ninja Thornies!  There were some super smexy ninjas that came out of hiding and decided to dance with us on Monday.  Let's take a peek, shall we?

24 February, 2013

February 2013 Hugo's Latex Party!!!

Hey Thornies!  We all love latex, right?  What's better than latex?  HUGO'S latex!  We had our monthly Hugo's Latex Party on Saturday.  Congratulations to Eve Terr for winning the $1,000 Hugo's gift card, and congratulations to the top 6 who received a cash prize!  Let's take a look and see who wore what, shall we?

Also, to those of you who sent pictures to Star, I'm posting those to this same page soon!  I'm working on saving them to my pc so I can do so.  :)