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08 February, 2013

Chinese New Year: The Year Of The Snake

We brought in this year's Chinese New Year (which was the year of the snake) with some great music, good dancing, and fantastic company!  Take a look to see who some of the attendees were!

Despina and Kalessin



Frifta, Scarlette, and Jasbert

KrEe and Hypno






06 February, 2013

Have you taken the TOUR????

There is a hot air balloon near the main landing zone at the fountain.  It a complete sim tour.  The basket holds two, just sit and off you go.

The tour takes about 15 minutes and gives you a "Goddess-eye-view" of the sim, taking you places you may not have thought to see and gives you some information about the sim and the new build.

On the tour you will get a chance to see the details of the ship close up as you circle around and even fly through it before descending to the ground for an overview of the play areas and fun things to do down there.

The only places not covered on the tour are the member areas because non-member visitors would not be able to take the tour.  The balloon tour chat tells what you will find there as you pass nearby.  So members, you still need to go exploring!

Everything in the sim is at 400 meters or under, so it is much easier to find everything that is available to you.

Do not miss out on the member lounge, hidden inside the big hill.  This area can ONLY be reached by teleporter as there is no proper door to the inside.  Ladies turn off his ability to TP and he's trapped there to do your bidding! *evil grin.*  


The Theme of the Week has Been Wonderland!

We have been down the rabbit hole all week with our Alice in Wonderland theme.  Here are a few of the highlights of this weeks' parties!

26 January was Australia Day!

Wombats and Wallabies joined us in celebrating things Aussi!