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22 June, 2012

Djs are always cool right?

*sniggers as she slips into the blog office and types up a quick one*

Well, boys like to mess around, and really should be more careful about the things they say in group chat. With no further ado, may I present our newest DJ, in perhaps a slightly different light.  If you want to taunt him mercilessly about the photos, he's playing VT on Sunday at 3pm SL time... just saying :)  First two pics are mine, the second two are Squish's:

21 June, 2012

Bad SL Day?

*stops laughing long enough to type*... it's mean to laugh at other people's misfortune, right?  In that case, put on your sympathy corset and staple your tongue to the nearest desk before you look at these pics...

Star and I were chatting, and she tried to show me a mermaid costume she has...

Oh SWEET Lindens! This is where we started laughing...

Slowly... something approaching consistency was found... STILL laughing

Well, progress of a sort... unable to breathe now!

What she was aiming for... now, about that dagger... *winks*

So, the next time you are ruthed and having a bad SL day... just think, it happens to Goddesses too :P

*Sneaks off into hiding for about a week*

Jungle Japes

It was Wednesday, and that meant Tabby on the airwaves... and our theme was Jungle.  Small surprise then that boys ended up naked and much animal passion was evident.  As usual, the Thornies embraced the theme with gusto and looked fantastic. Have a look and see for yourself:

17 June, 2012

Purple Paradise!

Well, there was much talk of balls and much of the discussion would certainly have added to the purple theme ^^  Everyone looked wonderful as usual as we partied in the purple gazebo with DJ Squish spinning the tunes, and Pinhead showed up again too. Have a look to see what you missed, or relive the giggles: