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17 May, 2012

Teases and Toys!

We had some slightly twisted fun with Tabby last night.  Teases and Toys was our theme, and the playground was full!  It turns out that demonic sparklers are quite safe.  There were a couple of near disasters with the pink trampoline, but no skinned knees, and I'm glad to say no unwelcome deposits in the sandbox.  As usual, Tabby played an amazing range of tunes for us, and the banter flowed freely.  Keep looking to see acres of hot flesh in varying states of nudity:

14 May, 2012


So, in chat a little while ago there was a whole heap of giggling about "the show"... the clues were that Zee and Tigz were the primary stars... and today, there was a re-run!!! Simply too funny not to share (and Campy joined in too):

Photos 1,2 and 8 are Squish's and the rest are mine, just in case the ladies are wondering who to arrange the contract on :P

13 May, 2012

Vix & Pete's 1st Anniversary

First anniversaries are generally known as paper anniversaries, and we ALL know that Pete shouldn't really bother with anything more than paper clothes, at least in the Wildside... *winks*

In all seriousness, congratulations you two! We had a great party, and everyone looked simply fabulous in their gowns and tuxes.  Of course, being the wildside, there was nudity towards the end, and a couple of naughty boxes needing mopping out.  Much fun was had by all. Have a look and see for yourself: