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05 April, 2012

Humpday Party Pics!

Looks like we have an eternal theme for Humpday Parties now... boys, leave the threads at home. Pretty simple, right? We'll keep having themes for the ladies though, but you boys just need to make sure your peckers are shiny and well fitted and show up (oh, and please leave the searchlights at home too :P).  DJ Tabby played her usual wonderful mix of music and all had a good time.

Before I let you see the pics that Squish grabbed for us (any complaints about not enough close-ups of male ass directed to him please), I do have a message from Callie about Friday:

Come on and join us this Friday for just a bit of naughty--well maybe a lot of naughty.  The dance theme is:  naughty girls and their very bad boys (girls).  The entire 2 hours will be devoted to naughty music picked by our lovely DJ Exxx..and you all know she has great taste in "naughty".  Show some  skin--wear something naughty--let's see your naughty side... 7 to 9 SL time Friday 6th April.

Well, you heard the lady, she wants to see your naughty side!  In the meantime, here are the pics from last night's party:

02 April, 2012

Remember this Face

For those of you who were not at VT around lunchtime yesterday, you missed out on the debut performance from the delightful Mouse (Audelle Quintessa).  Even though she was suffering the after-effects of (self-inflicted :P) injuries, her clear voice and engaging personality shone through and delighted us all.  Exactly how Sunday afternoons should be in my opinion - great company, pleasant surroundings and fabulous entertainment.  Join us next week for her second outing in what looks sure to become a regular event on the VT calendar.

01 April, 2012

A Checkered Party

So, the Harlequin Masked Ball was last night, with DJ Squishy at the stream, and everyone looked simply amazing!  SO nice to see so much effort put into costumes, and especially wonderful to see the boys dressed up for the occasion.  Have a look for yourself: