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05 January, 2012

Another Day, Another Way to Torture...

The Garden of Eden build is coming along nicely... and we thought you might like a sneaky peek at some of the details.  Thanks to Squishy for the Hell Pics... and blame me for the others :

04 January, 2012

Guys in Gowns... another normal day then :)

Happy New Year Thornies!!!!

Lots to talk about at VT right now... the Garden of Eden is building nicely, and will soon be ready for you all to run around naked in... yes, naked! We've kicked off 2012 as we mean to continue with some awesome parties, the most recent only finished an hour ago... the theme was gowns, chosen by Duchess Frifta as the party was part one of a belated celebration of her rezzday...  Happy rezzday again Frifta!  So DJ Tabby spun the tunes and the boys rocked the frocks - have a look at these pics from Squishy: