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23 December, 2011

Campy's Christmas Party!!!

How the ice stayed solid will remain one of the great unanswered scientific questions of our lifetimes... but it did, despite the unbearable hotness of everyone's Christmas finery.  See what you missed if you didn't make it to the party in these lovely pics, courtesy of the ever gorgeous Duchess Campy, who also sponsored the party. Congrats again to Talon and Erwan who won the contest, bagging themselves a Complete Cop Outfit from Campalicious each:

19 December, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Be sure you don't miss out on our Winter Wonderland... it won't be here forever.  All sorts of lovely wintry activities await you, and bunches of freebies too!  Skating rink, couples skating, snuggles (and MUCH more) in Santa's Sleigh, snuggles and more in Santa's Throne, spanking and more in Santa's other Throne, poses in the reindeer for wonderful photos, a beautiful swing for you and your special one, lots of places to just sit and enjoy a hot cocoa or coffee with a cupcake.. and last but by no means least, this is where to register for the Secret Santa - just click the green sign on the snowman!  All will be explained, but basically click to register and await further instructions.

It's right here...

Maybe some pics to give you a flavour? Oh, okay then, since you asked so nicely, and don't forget you can click on any of the photos to see them full size:

As with everything we do at Velvet Thorn, it costs us money, so every donation, no matter how small, is hugely appreciated... seriously even 10 Lindens helps. Thank you :)

Santa's not in right now... maybe if you're quick you can find the secrets of his thrones?

Check out the Sleigh for snuggles and much naughtier stuff :)

Register for Secret Santa and get your freebies right here :)

See that lovely arch? A nice casual seat for two friends who want to hang out :)

That dark red throne is spankingly good... *ahem*

Hang out with the reindeer while you drink your cocoa :)

This is a great place to contemplate your list of demands for the fat man :)

Sorta pretty and romantic at midnight... try sunrise and sunset too :)

What are you waiting for? Come play!!!

So, again, to save you scrolling up... it's right here... Just click this twice

And if you're looking for someone to blame, that would be me :)

Happy Holly Days!!

18 December, 2011

Twisted Fairy Tales Party

We had a great time at the Twisted Fairy Tales Party... I will leave it to others to recount the sandpaper incident and the less said about the unicorn the better.  Perhaps if you recognise any of the folks in these gorgeous pics, courtesy of Duchess Campy, you might persuade them to tell you? *grins*