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31 October, 2011

Domme Auction Results

You may have noticed we had a Domme Auction recently... might have been the boards around the place that gave it away, or perhaps the buzz in chat and in circle.  Anyhow, it went tremendously well, one of our most successful auctions yet.  Enormous thanks to all who participated... and hearty congratulations to Duchess Campy for smooth organisation and Squishy for gorgeous pictures.

Wanna know who won who? Read on:

Talon Demonia - to Ambrucio Resident
Sarah Burroughs - to Sjefke Bruhl
Orchid Chaos - to Darius Striatus
Myrna Castaignede - to Alexandre Scribe
Misty Resident - to Sjefke Bruhl
Miss Moon - to Kano Tamale
Midnighte Tempest - to Hugo Acropolis
Lady M - to Shawn Enersly
Kay - to Chase McClure
Campanula Aeon - to Erection Brune
StarSong Bright - to Sjefke Bruhl

And the winner is.... Peter! The stunning red demon avatar swept the board at yesterday's Halloween Costume Contest, ably hosted and Dj'ed by Rebel and thor respectively. As you can see from these great pics (thank you Squishy!) everyone looked suitably terrifying and gorgeous. Here's to next year! Just by the way, if you didn't know, you can click on any of the pics to see it full size ;)