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25 September, 2011

SOLD to the lady over there... on your knees NOW subbies!

So, much fevered fun of a financial kind was had at the Velvet Thorn yesterday in our semi-annual subbie auction... as ever, the banter and silliness reached glorious levels. If you missed it this time, be SURE to get to the next one!

Some of the lucky winners were pressed into immediate service at the HUGOs sponsored dance afterwards (some of them were "worked" so hard they were"wilting" but I didn't tell you that, okay? :P).

Congratz to Usul for winning Best in Latex by the way, and to Nina and chelsie for well-deserved runners up. So, back to the main reason for this post... WHO won who? Congratulations to the winning ladies, and THANK YOU to the generous subs donating all the proceeds to the sim. Have a look for yourself:

VELVET THORN AUCTION Results for September 24th 2011:

Aaron Alderton to Teara Roux for 1,500L

Balron Avro to Raine Lanley for 3,000L

Corwen Lowensztark to M Sandalwood for 1,100L

Darius Striatus to Gracie Weimes for 1,600L

Max Stillwater to Temptress Valla for 1,600L

Sal Yabuku to M. Sandalwood for 1,200L

Serv Darkstone to Babs Follet for 3,100L

Lucky Rogozarski to Teara Roux for 1,500L

Darlon Roxley to Gracie Weimes for 1,600L

Freddie Chester to Midnight Residen for 1,200L

Stack Janic to Campanula Aeon for 2,000L

Black Nimbus to Victoria Hausmann for 5,000L

A reminder for you... this is the LAST DAY for the TREASURE HUNT. The rubies will be disappearing in the course of tomorrow, so if you want the fabulous prizes (scroll down to earlier blog entries for pictures of them, AND hints for their locations) .... GET HUNTING... NOW!

Photoshopping of Vixanne's lovely photo courtesy of Squishy Paine. Thanks to both :)